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 [GUIDE]Episode Quest

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PostSubject: [GUIDE]Episode Quest   Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:11 pm

1st Episode

1st Part(Level 10+)

1. Dreadful Epidemic

Talk to Myad in the Adventurer's Plains(refer to the image above) then, talk to Seyon(refer to the image above), he will send you to search around the mushrooms(refer to the image above). Just go near the mushrooms and a message will appear, you will receive an "Enigmatic Emblem".
Don't use the wooden bridge in Adventurer's Plains, just walk on the water when going to Myad and Seyon.

2. Mysterious Emblem

Now go back to Seyon and he will send you to Myad. Choose option 4 when talking to Myad and he will send you to Karitte at the Valley of Luxem Tower(refer to the image above), it can be found either on south of Zant or north of Adventurer's Plains . Choose option 2 when talking to Karitte.
Use Zant Return Scroll when going to Valley of Luxem Tower.

3. Healing Hands

Now kill 10 Pumpkins to collect 10 Pumpkin Seeds(refer to the image above). Go back to Karitte after collecting 10 Pumkin Seeds. She will give you the Soil of Purification and Karitte's Antidote, now go back to Adventurer's Plains(you only have 30 minutes to deliver this). 1st, go back near the mushrooms again, then a message will appear, then go back to Myad to give Karitte's Antidote. Myad will send you to Ronk and Pony(refer to the image above) to give the Antidote, now you only have 15 minutes to deliver this. 1st, give the antidote to Ronk, choose option 3 when talking to Ronk, then choose option 4 when talking to Pony. The count down still active until you get back to Myad. Myad will send you to Lena in Zant to deliver the Antidote(refer to the image above), choose option 1 when talking to Lena.
When at the top of the tower, just walk through the small wall of the tower to get down easily.
Go south of Valley of Luxem Tower when going to Adventurer's Plains.
Don't use the bridge at the Adventurer's Plains when going to Ronk, Pony and Myad.

4. Sacrificed Soul
Lena will send you to Karitte in Valley of Luxem Tower.

5. The Truth of the Rumors

After talking to Kariite, go to Luth in Zant(refer to the image above).

6. Hourglass of Purification

Go back to Luth again after talking to Lena. Now hunt for Woopie King to get the Crystal Key(refer to the image above), it took me 6 Woopie King to get the quest item. After getting the Crystal Key, go back to Luth, then go back to Lena again after talking to Luth. Choose the first option when talking to Lena. Now go to Hour Glass to insert the Crystal Key(refer to the image above). Now go back to Lena after inserting the Crystal Key, then talk to Karitte in Valley of Luxem Tower. She will ask you about Junon choose option 1.
1st, kill all the Woopie, Woopie Chef, Woopie Glutton in the area to make the Woopie King respawn.

7. A Favor for Karitte

Now talk to Harin in Junon(refer to the image above)
Use Junon Polis Return Scroll to teleport to Junon(obviously)

8. Proof

Talk to Bellia in Junon(refer to the image above).

9. Forbidden Potion

Bellia will ask you to hunt Queen Bibis, Queen HoneyBees 20 Sharp Stingers and Fighter Rackies for the 20 Wild Animal Claws, you can find them at the El Verloon Desert(refer to the image above). After collecting all those quest items, go back to Bellia in Junon, and after that, return to Harin

You can buy El Verloon Desert Return Scroll at Tryteh in Zant(refer to the image above).
You must kill the Turtles to make the Queen Bibis and Queen Honeybeer respawn.
If you do this quest from level 20-40, you will get a chance to get either Fairy Wing or Nymph Wing from Master Queen Bibi's drops.

10. Dreadful Book

Harin will ask you to steal the Dreadful Book from Bellia during the night. Just walk behind his house(refer to the image above), and a message will appear, then return to Harin.


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[GUIDE]Episode Quest
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