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 [GUIDE]Arua Point Quests

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PostSubject: [GUIDE]Arua Point Quests   Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:23 pm


Quest 1 - Tasty Jellies!
Map: Adventurer's Plains
NPC: (Little Street Vendor) Pony
Sentence: "These Red Jelly Beans are adorable"
Goal: Kill Red Jelly Beans in order to obtain 10 Red Jelly Beans
Reward: 5 AruaPoints
Note: kill jellybeans , afther a while red jellybeans will appaer.Red Jelly Beans are more easily found on Evo Plains, accessible via the Passenger Ship on Adventurer's Plains.
Note:Red jellies now spawn near Pony, on the small island near Pony.

Quest 2 - Cowboy Hats
Map: Valley of Luxem Tower
NPC: (Cleric) Karitte at (5112,5385)
Sentence: "That's a fabulous dress you're wearing"
Goal: Kill Cowboy Pumpkins in order to obtain 10 Cowboy Pumpkin Hats
Reward: 5 AruaPoints

Quest 3 - Rackie Holigans Bats
Map: Breezy Hills
NPC: (Ferrell Guild Staff) Belz at (5357,5059) (in the Windmill Village)
Sentence: "Hey, you seem a bit gloomy"
Goal: Kill Rackie Hooligans in order to obtain 5 Rackie Hooligan Bats
Reward: 5 AruaPoints
Note: They only drop the items at Breezy Hill,near the El Verloon Desert entrance.

Quest 4 - Aqua Guard Souls
Map: Anima Lake
NPC: (Ikaness Staff) Shroon at (5376,5188)
Sentence: "These Aqua Guards are bothering me"
Goal: Kill Aqua Guards in order to obtain 25 Aqua Guard Souls
Reward: 5 AruaPoints

Quest 5 - Master Queen Bibi Carnage
Map: Elverloon Desert
NPC: (Ferrell Guild Merchant) Lina at (5567,4927)
Sentence: "I've seen a lot of corpses laying around this desert lately"
Goal: Kill Master Queen Bibis in order to obtain 5 Bibi Needles
Reward: 5 AruaPoints

Quest 6 - Scarab Nuisance
Map: Forest of Wisdom
NPC: (Mountain Guide) Kay at (5669,5104)
Sentence: "Scarabs! They are everywhere!"
Goal: Kill Scarabs in order to obtain 25 Scarabs
Reward: 5 AruaPoints
Notes: Scarabs can be spawned by killing Guardian Trees

Quest 7 - Hunter Rumours
Map: Kenji Beach
NPC: (Resident) Hotch at (5384,5180)
Sentence: "There's a rumour that it's the Kaiman Hunters?"
Goal: Kill Kaiman Hunters in order to obtain Evidence
Reward: 5 AruaPoints
Note: For some reason you may only do the quest a certain amount of times

Quest 8 - Ferrell Boulders
Map:Gorge of Silence
NPC: (Ferrell Guild Merchant) Med at (5587,4732)
Sentence: "I've heard that you need some boulders"
Goal: Kill Elder Stone Golems in order to obtain 25 Boulders
Reward: 5 AruaPoints


Quest 1 - Alcoholic Secrets
Map: Magic City of the Eucar
NPC: (Eucar Judge) Burmos
Sentence: "Do you like alcohol?"
Goal: Collect 35 Secret Somethings from Slags
Reward: 5 AruaPoints

Quest 2 - Electical Power
Map: Magic City of the Eucar
NPC: (Akram Ambassador) Eliot
Sentence: "It's Lovely! But some monsters are too scary for me."
Goal: Collcet 25 Lunar Keepers by killing them
Reward: 5 AruaPoints

Quest 3 - Mammoths Plan
Map: Crystal Snowfields
NPC: (Shamanist) Est
Sentence: "Did I hear right? About the Mammoths?"
Goal: Find a piece of evidence from Mammoth.
Reward: 5 AruaPoints

Quest 4 - Beauties!
Map: Crystal Snowfields
NPC: (Shamanist) Est
Sentence: "What's this I hear about Crystals?"
Goal: Collect 5 Red Crystals from Basilisk
Reward: 5 AruaPoints


Quest 1 - Ikaness Crystals
Map: Xita Refuge
NPC: (Arumic Researcher) Catherine Clara
Sentence: "Did I hear right? You need some help?"
Goal: Gather 25 Ikaness Crystals from Ikaness Workers.
Reward: 5 AruaPoints

Quest 2 - Save the Trade
Map: Xita Refuge
NPC: (Smith) Nel Eldora
Sentence: "So many players around these lands!"
Goal: Collect 50 Pincer Claws from Pincers.
Reward: 5 AruaPoints

Quest 3 - Sikuku Skins
Map: Xita Refuge
NPC: (Elder of Junon Order) Oscar Patrick
Sentence: "Those darn Sikuku Destroyers are stopping visitors from getting into the Prison!"
Goal: Retrieve 15 Sikuku Skins From Sikuku Destroyers.
Reward: 5 AruaPoints

Quest 4 - Gilberts Trade Book
Map: Xita Refuge
NPC: (Ferrell Guild Staff) Gilbert
Sentence: "There is a rumour going around that you've lost something?"
Goal: Find his Trade Book in the Sikuku Underground Prison
Reward: 5 AruaPoints

Quest 5 - Sikuku's Darts
Map:Shady Jungle
NPC:(Sikuku Chief) Namiel Char
Sentence: "Perhaps I can help you."
Goal: Collect 15 Sikuku Dart Shooters from Sikuku Tiger Rider.
Reward: 5 AruaPoints

Quest 1 - Needed Supplies
Map: Heliopolis
NPC: (Supplies) Khait
Sentence: "There's plenty of materials to use around here."
Goal: Collect 25 Mummy Clothes from Desert Mummy.
Reward: 5 AruaPoints

Quest 2 - Oro Delicacies
Map: Heliopolis
NPC: (Smith) Monifa
Sentence: "How can I help YOU?"
Goal: Collect 50 Sabotens then find (Farmer) Alice, in Adventurer's Plains.
Reward: 5 AruaPoints


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[GUIDE]Arua Point Quests
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